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In Kabbalah, 13 stands for transformation and new beginnings. In Japan and Greece, it is considered a lucky number. Since the 18th century, the club has stood for a community of like-minded people with similar interests, ways of thinking and acting.

At Klub 13 OM find beautiful swinging people and authentic and appreciative encounters are cultivated. First-class and attentive hairdressing in an exclusive and personal ambience.

Individuality is standard here.

Time for well-being, pleasure, beauty, tranquility, conviviality and inspiration. Frequency irradiations, binaural beats in the frequency field, personalized haircuts, matching hair colors and plant toning, selected sustainable hair cosmetics and a fine selection of energy fields, can be found at Klub 13. Equipped and furnished with furniture and objects from then to now.

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Hair is and remains a central characteristic of every human being. The cultural history of peoples makes it clear that for millennia people attach special importance to the hair. For some, the seat of the soul and life force, a symbol of physical strength, worldly power and magical powers. Germanic tribes paid homage to long hair, it represented sovereignty and personal freedom associated with it. The direction of growth and the resulting shape of the hair is unique, like a fingerprint.

Hair as an antenna of the soul?

In Kirlian photography, an imaging technique of the aura, it is made visible that hair can receive and emit vibrations.
Today, beautiful and healthy hair is perceived as a symbol of individuality, lifestyle, beauty and self-awareness. The hairstyle is not only an expression of personality and a mirror of well-being, but also a means of interpersonal communication.

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Room of possibilities
Exclusively in the Klub 13

YOU are the Medicine, LIFE is the Ritual

You decide what you resonate with, what becomes a part of your reality, how you react to it, how you deal with it and how you make your decisions.
Resonance is the key to your own frequency and authentic lifestyle.

Sound bath in the frequency field

Float in vibrations, become aware of your energy and find back to your personal frequency.

Humans have an innate connection to each other, as well as to plants and animals, the environment, and the entire cosmos. 

Our brain, every cell, our entire body, speaks the frequency language and permanently produces & reacts to vibrations.

The human being is a self-regenerating mechanism consisting of about 75 trillion cells and one cell holds, at its membrane, a voltage of about 70 millivolts.
A gigantic electromagnetic power plant.

Frequency swelling sends impulses down to the cellular level and triggers a targeted activation. It goes to the root, touches even the most hidden level of being, which in turn leads to an almost infinite potential of personal possibilities. 

Everything is possible.
Unless you say it's impossible.

Multiwave oscillator field
free energy according to Lakhovsky/Tesla
  • Sound bath in the oscillating circuit field with binaural sound, Solfeggio frequencies or Meditation On Ear
  • Space projection of selected Hertz frequencies via a Tesla Biflar coil, the Aura or Vortex Plate
  • Transmission of frequencies by copper/orgone hand diodes according to Rife/Brainwave protocol
  • Irradiation with Terahertz Physioblower

I provide OM opportunities at Klub 13 and act as a consultant and supporter during personal perception & awareness processes.

One's own success requires the desire for individual & personal development, the corresponding willingness to work on awareness and initiative. These processes can be optimally achieved with HEALY applications accompany, support & strengthen.

The offer is based on autoditak study, research as well as experiments with frequencies and their fields and is subject to the natural changes and influences of the respective quality of time.

Possible effects after observations on the holistic bioenergetic field - depending on personal starting point:
  • deep states of relaxation and emotional balance
  • Pain relief and faster "passing" of diseases
  • Strengthening & increasing bioenergy
  • improved body awareness and ego identification (not to be confused with ego)
  • Expansion of consciousness and perception
  • Unblocking of blockages and cell activation
  • Increased connectedness and capacity for love
  • Balance of the brain hemispheres
  • Awareness of one's own resonance behavior
  • Experiences of One Consciousness
  • Mental Clarity & Energy Boost
  • Support in healing and reorganization processes

            ... are observed events.

Consciousness is a path. Transformation is a decision. Transcendence is an experience.

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HEALY is an intelligent, portable real-time measurement device for the user's bioenergetic field and direct frequency transmission, as well as an analysis tool with the possibility of broadcasting via quantum field. Navigation is possible through several apps, approved as a medical device class A II. 

For me HEALY is a small miracle of our technologized time and a door opener for more holistic self-responsibility.
HEALY supports more conscious perception of oneself through targeted insights into one's bioenergetic field and enables frequency programs developed by specialists to be independently transferred to the holistic body in order to establish well-being or alleviate pain.

HEALY frequency programs can also be learned about during an appointment for hair or in the frequency field as an add-on.

I offer information field analysis with the resonance / aura module including PDF file & subsequent intelligent, portable frequency irradiation wirelessly through a quantum sensor or by means of electrodes.

As a HEALY user, you specifically influence your bioenergetic state through frequencies.

Purchase advice, start-up help, background information about special programs and their effects, application recommendations and exchange of experiences are included, when purchasing at least one Healy Edition via my referrer number:

3138-4576-5596 or the following link:


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KEVIN.MURPHY - Fashion-oriented, professional and contemporary hair products, developed to meet even the high demands of an editorial hairstylist. The raw materials are obtained mainly by means of sustainable cultivation methods and never tested on animals.

Based on facial skincare, with new and light textures, KEVIN.MURPHY creates runway looks, with the best ingredients of nature. Products are made from renewable and sustainable raw materials where possible, under the

Use of essential oils, plant extracts and
natural antioxidants.

All KEVIN.MURPHY products are free from sulfates, parabens and industrial palm oil.

KEVIN.MURPHY is a member of The Climate Project.

The salon store offers a wide range of products as well as tools and accessories from KEVIN.MURPHY and FINEST PIGMENTS from DAVINES.

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Tools for conscious people

The energy fields are thoughtfully designed, tested and produced in Germany by a geobiologist and energeticist. A selected assortment can be felt and purchased at Klub 13 OM. The energy fields are made of a plastic compound, which conducts electromagnetic impulses particularly well. The inprints are made of copper and finally sealed with a gold or tin alloy in the finish and partially provided with Körbler, healing with signs, symbols on the back.

The use is limitless.

As an amulet on the body or in minidisc form in the pocket. To revitalize drinking water, food structuring and protective in the bedroom or the car. The energy fields are ideal for support in daily life, for activation & opening in meditation, chakra work, cranio-sacral therapy, for rituals or to relieve pain points or as an extraordinary gift.

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... sometimes more is going on, than one imagines

Gerald Schwaiger

Since the early 90s I work with hair. A material that is always moving and is indispensable in constant resonance with the person himself and his environment. To give hair form & color that shows itself naturally, authentically or controlled and harmonizes in its movement, I find great.

For many years I have been interested and engaged in consciousness work, holistic being. In 2019, I was able to immerse myself in the world of frequencies and sounds completely unexpectedly, in the form of sound healings, while traveling in the Far East.

2020 changed everything and I began, self-taught, self-study focusing on frequencies and their effects on the bioenergetic field.

Since then, in addition to the material hair, I also deal with sound, QiGong, meditation as well as frequency technology in different variations & with energy fields.

I offer my knowledge and experience as a tool for the promotion of well-being, awareness and personal development.

With passion, creativity, intuition, dedication, holistic view and joy I give my honest attention to the hair as well as to the person.

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Consultation from 30
Stay in the frequency field from 50
Healy resonance program / aura healing from 15

Price for combinations, remote exposure
or follow-up appointments individually

Children from 50
Men from 60
Ladies from 80
Styling from 50
Evening hairstyle from 80
Hair color from 70
Gloss toner from 25
Men's color / color finishing from 40
Dual color technique from 80
Chemical smoothing from 70
Highlights per piece from 2
Treat.Me / Scalp.Spa Treatment 20
Care ritual 15

Prices in Euro
cash/cash only
Appointment by arrangement

Price for real hair extension/thickening incl. aftercare on request; cooperation with a make-up artist for make-up;
wedding styling; surcharge on Sundays and holidays


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Stay Frequency field with guided meditation & binaural sound on Ear
+ the HEALY intensive program Coherence
Pre- and post-talk
Duration approx. 1 hour

€ 100


Hairstyling service with feel-good hair wash
Cut & styling all-in
1 HEALY intensive program Beauty or Nutritions
Duration approx. 1-2 hours

€ 130


HEALY Coaching Analysis

Joint determination of the focus & selection of the relevant areas of life incl. 21 days of irrigation via quantum field
Pre/post talk

Duration ca 1,5 h

€ 290


Stay Frequency Field with Binaural Sound on Ear
1 Energy Field To Go
1 Energy Field To Work 20 cm
Duration approx. 1 hr.

€ 140


Klub 13 OM
Gerald Schwaiger
Belvederegasse 22
1040 Vienna

Tel.: +43 664 180 70 03

E-mail: salon@klub13.at
Web: https://klub13.at

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The statements and information on this website are based on experience and application reports, which may not be recognized by conventional medicine or science and serve the personality development and promotion of initiative and strengthening of self-responsibility in being. Frequency treatment, meditation or energetic consultation do not replace a visit to the doctor. In case of acute or severe illnesses, please talk to your doctor or therapist before starting an independently initiated frequency therapy. Frequency irradiation is one of the complementary forms of treatment, which depending on the resonance behavior, in the healing process, can also promote an initial deterioration. If you have an electronic device installed in your body, such as a pacemaker, Healy treatments and other treatments that involve frequency transmission with microcurrent are strongly discouraged and not recommended. No promises or guarantees are made here. Possibilities are conveyed here.